Book Luxury Service Apartments in Koregaon Park to Stay For Less!

Book Magnus Hotel & Service Apartments for Luxurious Service Apartments in Koregaon Park to enjoy serenity and tranquility of this beautiful park. The Park is situated amidst pictorial settings and the landscape of Hills, Thar Desert and Jamboree. From your well furnished Luxury Service Apartments in Koregaon Park you can easily reach the tourist attractions like Jantar Mantar Observatory, Bhagwan Mahavir Temple, Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Koregaon Forest, etc.

Serene Atmosphere There are several hotels available to serve your needs for a stay in comfort and serenity. Service apartments also known as serviced apartments is one of the best options to stay while traveling to this beautiful place in Singapore. Tourists can find many hotels available in the Park. To name a few:

Serene Atmosphere The cuisine served at Luxury Service Apartments in Koregaon Park is out of this world. You can taste the variety of dishes prepared by the chefs of the hotels. The guests can expect the world-class luxury accommodation in a comfortable and warm ambience. The cuisine is prepared by the world-class chefs and the restaurants offer special Indian and continental cuisine along with local cuisine.

High Service The luxury service apartments here provide the guests with world-class services including airport pickup & drop, room service, valet parking, maid service, laundry service, and restaurant facilities. Apart from all these the apartments also provide the guests with babysitting services and a clubhouse with a swimming pool and other recreational facilities. The clubhouse offers facilities such as tennis court, library, and meeting rooms. All these and more are provided by the luxury service apartments in this charming locality of Singapore.

Convenient Location The location of Luxury Service Apartments in Koregaon Park makes it very convenient for the tourists to travel to and from the hotel. They can also use the taxi service of the hotels here to move around in the city. The public bus service also runs in the area. The proximity of various tourist destinations and well-developed roadways make this place very convenient for visitors. The luxury service apartments here give you a great travel experience with the most convenient and luxurious hotels in the country.

Onsite Amenities The luxuriously furnished apartments in the luxury service apartments in Koregaon Park have many amenities including a security room, car park, business centre, supermarket, and fitness centre. You can also get some local Korean food at the cafeteria located at the centre of each floor. There is a mini theatre located within the cafeteria. The service apartments of Luxury Service Apartments offer excellent facilities to the tourists like round the clock room service, free delivery of tea, coffee, and snacks, free transportation within the airport, round the clock assistance, maid service, housekeeping, concierge, and daily home delivery services.

Large Number Of Guests Service apartments in Koregaon Park are well equipped with a large number of guestrooms. It provides the guests with a wide range of facilities including mini bars, internet access, refrigerator, DVD and LCD screen, telephone, refrigerator, Wi-Fi access, and balcony. Each room of the luxury service apartments has a terrace or balcony, and the rooms are located all around the hotel. You will also get to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Jomrindirapuri.

The Luxury Service Apartments in Koregaon Park is ideally located to the major tourist attractions of centrally located Mumbai. These luxury service apartments have the most amazing view of Jomrindirpuri and PVR Layout. They are ideally located near the railway station and shopping malls. These hotels are also famous for their exquisite architecture and they exude elegance. You will not find any complaints regarding these hotels in terms of quality and service.